Sentinel-1A Interferogram of the San Joaquin Valley

By Keith Cowing
Press Release
April 10, 2015
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Sentinel-1A Interferogram of the San Joaquin Valley
Sentinel-1A Interferogram of the San Joaquin Valley

This ‘interferogram’ combines 19 scans by Sentinel-1A’s radar over the San Joaquin Valley in the US state of California.
Covering an area of about 30 000 sq km, a number of oil fields are visible (outlined in black). Surface patterns of motion, such as subsidence (red) and uplift (blue), associated with ‘enhanced oil recovery’ operations are observable in the image.

The remote sensing technique known as Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar, or InSAR, can be used for a variety of operational applications, including the monitoring of well integrity, reservoir optimisation, identification of undrained compartments and the management of injection activities.

This image is from a selection of results from 2015 Fringe Workshop on advances in the science and applications of ‘SAR interferometry’. The 2015 Fringe Workshop was held at ESRIN, ESA’s centre for Earth observation, in Frascati, Italy on 2327 March.

This image was processed by Tele-Rilevamento Europa, which provides measurements of surface deformation with millimetre accuracy using multitemporal satellite radar images. The company has been recognised for its work in the oil and gas sector.

Credit: Tele-Rilevamento Europa Larger image

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