NASA to Debut Water Falls Movie this Fall

By Marc Boucher
August 14, 2013
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NASA to Debut Water Falls Movie this Fall
NASA to debut water falls movie this fall.

This fall coming to select theatres, is a movie about water, one that NASA thinks will change how you view our watery world. Water Falls, A Science on a Sphere Film is a different type of movie.
According to NASA, the movie is designed for playback specifically on spherical screens and “the project immediately demanded an abstract, poetic presentation of its subject.”

The science behind the visuals comes from the Global Precipitation Measurement mission (GPM). The GPM is as NASA terms it “a massive multinational mission utilizing a fleet of spacecraft, sophisticated ground based data processing systems, and years of planning.”

To complement the movie NASA has built a web site that features background information, the science, educational tools and the making of the movie.

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