Flying a ROV Over An Ice Covered Lake in Antarctica

By Keith Cowing
December 10, 2013
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Flying a ROV Over An Ice Covered Lake in Antarctica
DJI Phantom quadcopter image
Dale Andersen

Dale Andersen: I took the DJI Phantom quadcopter out for a quick flight so I could get a shot of our camp here at Lake Obersee, Antarctica.
As you can see, our home away from home is pretty nice. The central dome tent (Mountain Hardwear Stronghold) is our communal cook tent. The Stronghold on the right is the laboratory tent (and also where Vladimir Akimov sleeps), the Stronghold on the left is the dive tent (where I keep all the suits, regulators, compressor etc. and where I sleep), the three pyramid tents on the right are the tents for Alfonso Davila, Andrew Abercromby, and Klemens Weisleintner; and the pyramid tent on the far left is the latrine tent (all wastes trash, liquids etc. are stored and returned to Novolazarevskaya Station for proper disposal).

Next to the snowmobile at the bottom of the image are Andrew and myself. I am in the orange/red jacket flying the Phantom. Andrew had just returned from a site on the lake where he was using the underwater ROV (A VideoRay Pro 3 remotely operated vehicle) to observe the microbial communities in the lake.

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