Buryatia, Russia As Seen From Orbit By Sentinel-2

By Keith Cowing
Status Report
March 19, 2023
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Buryatia, Russia As Seen From Orbit By Sentinel-2
Buryatia, Far Eastern Federal District, Russia (52.7°N 108.9°E), 03 Mar 2023

Buryatia, officially the Republic of Buryatia, is a republic of Russia located in the Russian Far East.

Formerly part of the Siberian Federal District, it has been administered as part of the Far Eastern Federal District since 2018. Its capital is the city of Ulan-Ude. It has an area of 351,300 square kilometers (135,600 sq mi) with a population of 978,588 (2021 Census). It is home to the indigenous Buryats.

Over 80% of the republic’s territory is located in the mountainous region, including the Baikal Mountains on the northern shores of Lake Baikal, the Ulan-Burgas east of the lake, and the Selenga Highlands in the south near the Mongolia–Russia border.

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