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Space Elevator Games Sponsorship Part 2

Space Elevator

The other day Brad Edwards posted a message discussing sponsorship opportunities for the Space Elevator Games being held in 18 days as part of the X Prize Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Today Ben Shelef also provides an update on sponsorship opportunities.

"Sponsorship Opportunities

We have been shy so far about getting sponsorship for the games, frankly, because we did not know how well the competition will shape up. (Rather go unsponsored than not deliver on what we promise - right?) Well - we are now very confident that the competition will be spectacular, so are opening up sponsorship opportunities.

If you or your company like Space Education projects, think the Space Elevator is important, and would like exposure to 25,000 of space-curious spectators and all the who's who of Space 2.0 - please check out the information at

Large business or small, private or corporate, we have an option that will work for you. "

About three weeks from now (Oct. 20-22) the X-Prize Cup will be in full swing. The organizers are expecting about 20,000 people to attend and extensive media coverage. It will be quite an event and all the more so because Spaceward’s climber and tether challenges will be there.

Photo from the 2005 Space Elevator Competition
Photo from the 2005 Space Elevator competition.

The X-Prize Cup are an off-shoot of the incredibly successful X-Prize (top news story of 2004) and will be showcasing the new surge and developments in private space efforts. One of the efforts that the X-Prize Cup founder Peter Diamandis worked to bring to the event is the space elevator challenges. Last year, the climber and tether challenges were not open to the public but still hit the media in a big way with coverage by CNN and many others. This year there are a dozen excellent climber teams with advanced designs. Being privy to some of the design elements I can say that the climbers will be impressive! Beyond the fun and excitement of the event the climbers are approaching the technical specifications and performance that is required for the real space elevator. The climbers will have the lightweight structures, excellent power beaming systems, high performance motors and serious payload carrying capability. This event will be impressive and fortunately documented by Discovery, Nova, and a full set of other filmmakers.