Space Policy Directive-2 Signed

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Space Policy Directive-2 Signed

President Trump signed Space Policy Directive-2 (SPD-2) today in the oval office.

SPD-2 includes 4 space policy directives based on recommendations made at the National Space Council meeting at KSC in February 2018 and is based on SPD-1. SPD-2 directs the Department of Transportation to revise the regulatory process for transportation to space and the Department of Commerce to revise regulations for remote sensing.

SPD-2 will also create a "one stop shop" for commercial space at the Department of Commerce. SPD-2 will ask the Department of Commerce and OSTP to work with the FCC report to the President global competitiveness on radio frequency policy at ITU and other fora. SPD-2 also requires a report on export licensing of space technology.

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