Weather Forces Postponement of Today's Climber Challenge at the Spaceward Games

The weather is again an issue at this years Spaceward Games. Organizers had to cancel today's climber attempts due to rain and wind. However the Great Light-Racer Championship is going ahead as it's an indoor event. Aimed at students, the teams compete in solving a real NASA lunar exploration problem: building a rover that can operate in a permanently shadowed area of the moon.

The other event going ahead today is the tether challenge, another NASA sponsored Centennial Challenger and this year there are two entries. One from MIT and the is Astroaraneae. They are both competing for a $500,000 prize. The event is scheduled to start at 5:00 pm.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is looking better with a smaller chance of rain and diminishing winds as the day progresses. Every attempt will be made to get the finals of the power beaming climber challenge started and perhaps completed without having to go an extra day as most teams have to leave by Monday.

To note our webcams are offline right now as the climber event has been postponed for the day however we might have one on for the indoor tether challenge later this afternoon.

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