More Papers from IAC 2004 Added

The following papers have been added to the documents section. We now have 9 of the 16 papers presented.

  • Tethers as Far Mission Descent-Return Tools, Dr. Radu D. Rugescu, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, (Session IAC-04-IAA.
  • Disposal of Geosynchronous Satellites by Earth-Oriented Tethers, V. A. Chobotov, The Aerospace Corporation, (Session IAC-04-IAA.
  • Design of a High-Tension Elastically Deforming Space Tether Deployer, Bas Lansdorp, Delft University of Technology, (Session IAC-04-IAA.
  • On the Performance of a Motorized Tether Using a Ballistic Launch Method, David J. McKenzie, University of Glasgow, (Session IAC-04-IAA.

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