ISEC Releases Space Elevator Concept of Operations Report

©Alan Chan

Space Elevator

The International Space Elevator Consortium has a released a 46 page report titled Space Elevator Concept of Operations. The report describes and discusses a plausible Operations scenario for a Space Elevator and also addresses initial commercial operations of a space elevator pair with robotic climbers.

The report has been developed to help define a starting point for an initial space elevator infrastructure. It is assumed that there are two space elevators in place to ensure continuation of our escape from the gravity well. It also assumes that a sufficient number of climbers are available for delivering of spacecraft and other payloads to orbit, and, if required, return them to earth. In addition, this report is designed to be the initial operations concept from which many improvements will occur as future knowledge and experience drives infrastructure concept revisions.

Part I: Mission Description
Part II: System Characteristics
Part III: System of Systems Operations
Part IV: "A Day-in-the-Life"

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