61th International Astronautical Congress Space Elevator Papers Available

iac2010.jpgAt the 61th International Astronautical Congress in Prague the Space Elevator and Tethers session was chaired by Dr. Peter A. Swan of Teaching Science and Technology, Inc. The session had ten papers of which eight are now available with the other two only providing abstracts. In addition several have made available their presentations. For your reference, here they are:

- Preliminary Systems Requirements for the Space Toilet on the Space Train (Paper) (Presentation), Mr. Akira Tsuchida, Earth-Track Corporation, Ms. Amie Allison, Earth-Track Corporation, Mr. Koo Ue, Japan Toilet Labo.

- Tether assisted near earth object (neo) diversion (Paper) (Presentation), Mr. Mohammad J. Mashayekhi, McGill University, Prof. Arun Misra, McGill University

- Light and strong cnt fiber spun with cnt web (Paper), Dr. Morihiro Okada, Shizuoka University, Prof. Yoku Inoue, Shizuoka University, Prof. Akihiro Ishida, Shizuoka University, Prof. Hidenori Mimura, Shizuoka University

- Wireless Power Transfer to a Moving Vehicle: Explorations with the Kansas City team for the NASA/Spaceward power beaming challenge (Paper) (Presentation), Dr. Martin Lades

- The Effect of Disturbances on Space Elevator Dynamics with Flexibility (Paper), Mr. Ryotaro Ohkawa, Nihon University, Prof. Hironori A. Fujii, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Prof. Kenji Uchiyama, Nihon University

- Numerical dynamics and stability study for twin tethered objects (Abstract), Prof. Radu Rugescu, Politechnic University of Bucharest

- Geostationary Station Keeping Control of a Space Elevator during Initial Cable Deployment (Paper), Dr. Noboru TAKEICHI, Nagoya University

- Space Elevator Road Map 2010 (Paper) (Presentation), Mr. Akira Tsuchida, Earth-Track Corporation, Ms. Amie Allison, Earth-Track Corporation

- Comfortableness in Space Elevator -- Physiological Challenge (Abstract), Prof. Satoshi Iwase, Aichi Medical University

- First Space Elevator: on the Moon, Mars or the Earth? (Paper) (Presentation), Dr. Peter A. Swan, Teaching Science and Technology, Inc.

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