Space Elevator: August 2009

Four hundred years ago on this day Galileo Galilei, considered by some to be the Father of Modern Science, demonstrated his first telescope to the merchants of Venice. In building his first telescope and with his subsequent observations of the moons of Jupiter he set the stage to later argue in favour of the sun-centered Copernican theory of the universe. Unfortunately for Galileo his work and support of the the sun-centered theory would be considered close to heresy by the Catholic church which would eventually try him and place him under house arrest.

Indeed, some of the participants in the conference are there because the technologies needed for the space elevator have some down to earth potential and the space elevator itself is a secondary issue. And that's a good thing. Why? Because before a space elevator can leave the concept stage there's a lot of technical work that needs to be done in producing some of the core technologies. The most notable being Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs).

NEW-GEN_Spotlight.jpgNEW-GEN™ a new cross-platform brand with a comic book distribution deal with Marvel has published it's first spotlight interview with Dr. Brad Edwards. This comes right after the Space Elevator Conference in Redmond, WA .

As you may have noticed if you've visited the Space Elevator Reference before we're undergoing some changes again. This is so we can better server the community. One major change is that the wiki has moved. It is now located at the following address:

We're also in the process of organizing all our image and video assets. Shortly we'll launch our new Flickr and YouTube channels.

Starting tomorrow enthusiasts, engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists will gather at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Washington for the annual Space Elevator Conference. I will be there for the first two days of the conference and will report back early next week.