Space Elevator: February 2009

NASA today posted this notice. I'm not sure if the venue has been officially secured yet but here's what was released:

NOTICE: (09-012).

ACTION: Notice of Centennial Challenges 2009 Power Beaming and Tether Challenges.

SUMMARY: This notice is issued in accordance with 42 U.S.C. 2459f-1(d). The 2009 Power Beaming and Tether Challenges are now scheduled and teams that wish to compete may now register. The NASA Centennial Challenges Program is a program of prize contests to stimulate innovation and competition in space exploration and ongoing NASA mission areas. The 2009 Power Beaming Challenge is a prize contest designed to promote the development of new power distribution technologies. The 2009 Tether Challenge is a prize contest designed to develop very strong tether material for use in various structural applications. The Spaceward Foundation is administering both Challenges for NASA.

- Complete release here.

Word has it that perhaps within a week or two there might be some important news about this years Space Elevator Games. While a firm date has not been set, the target is for April 29th as the beginning day of competition at Cape Canaveral, Florida. So if this is an event you really want to go to I suggest you make plans accordingly to be there.

The image below was provided by the Spaceward Foundation who organize the competition. With multiple lasers pointing at the Space Elevator climbers tethered by a stationary helicopter the climbers will be racing up the 1-km tether for the $1.1 million grand prize. To win the grand prize one of the current 11 competing teams will have to climb the 1 kilometer vertical distance at a minimum average of 5 meters per second.

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