Space Elevator: October 2008

The new Space Elevator Reference
A new collaborative Space Elevator Reference site was born today and the previous site, this one, is now the Space Elevator Blog.

The Space Elevator Reference is now running on the open source MindTouch Deki platform allowing us to create an incredible rich wiki mashup service.

With the new site we're launching the Space Elevator Open Wiki and the Space Elevator Developer Wiki.

Each wiki has the latest and best collaborative wiki mashup tools available including:

  • Document creation and live multi-developer editing
  • Spreadsheet creation and live multi-developer editing
  • Whiteboards
  • Chat
  • Math, Graphviz extensions and access to more than 100 web-services to dozens of providers pre-configured, including: Microsoft Windows Live, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Widgetbox etc.
The Space Elevator Reference also provides the following services: A calendar of events, news from around the web and space elevator blogs, list of organizations and companies working on the space elevator, social networks, chat, image galleries and video galleries.

It's up to you to take the Space Elevator from concept to reality so join the Space Elevator Reference now.

Markus Klettner at EuroSpaceward has released the flyer for the 2nd International Conference On Space Elevator & Carbon Nanotube Tether Design being held on the 6th and 7th December in Luxembourg.

Flyer cover page
Flyer inside page

Distribute them far and wide.

In other conference news the Spaceward Games which includes the tether and power beaming challenges has been pushed back to early next year, most likely in February as a suitable venue is currently under discussion with the contract details being worked out. If all goes well the Spaceward Games of 2009 will be an event not to be missed.