Space Elevator: August 2008

Of interest to our readers is the following from Northwestern University: True properties of carbon nanotubes measured

"Carbon nanotubes' atomic structure should, in theory, give them mechanical and electrical properties far superior to most common materials. Unfortunately, theory and experiments have failed to converge on the true mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes. Northwestern University researchers recently made the first experimental measurements of the mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes that directly correspond to the theoretical predictions. They used a nanoscale material testing system based on MEMS technology."

As many of you know I've been working on a new updated version of the Space Elevator Reference which I hope to launch this month. Today I'll provide a teaser screenshot of the developing home page of the new site.

The new site will provide the following services:

1. Collaborative Space Elevator Open Wiki
- Including Reference Documents and Research Papers
2. Collaborative Space Elevator Developer Wiki
3. Calendar of Events
4. Space Elevator Blogs and latest entries
5. Organizations Working on the Space Elevator
6. Image Galleries
7. Video Galleries

Since the new site is based on the Mindtouch DekiWiki platform it provides a great set of mashup tools and DekiScript scripting language allowing me to incorporate data from many sources. Some of the services provided may be done in collaboration with other sites and I am open to more partnerships.