Space Elevator: August 2006's science editor Alan Boyle has written a good piece about the upcoming Lunar Lander Challenges and includes a little nugget in the way of a link to a draft FAA X Prize Cup Environment Assessment document. It makes for an interesting read with references to the Space Elevator Games. Most notably is this paragraph ...

... the events associated with the Elevator Games do not require the issuance of permits or licenses by the FAA. Therefore, these activities are not included in the scope of the proposed action. Such activities are considered in the cumulative impact analysis.

No FAA involvement in the games, great :-)

Ok, I announced this in early May but the official press release is now out.

The X PRIZE Foundation and the Spaceward Foundation have signed an agreement that will bring the Space Elevator Games, a NASA Centennial Challenge, to the 2006 X PRIZE Cup in Las Cruces, New Mexico. More than 20 teams are expected to compete for $400,000 at the Las Cruces International Airport on October 20-21, 2006.