Space Elevator: September 2005

Recently the Spaceward Foundation released the official press release for the compeition to be held October 21-23.

That was followed by the September update.

It seems that interest in the Tether competition is growing and there may be several new entries in time for the competition. As well while the public will be able to attend, it will be limited. More details for public attendance are to be releases shortly.

On September 20th Liftport successfully tested their lifter which climbed 1000 feet. Photos and vide are available from their site.

This is quite an achievement on their part. It would be great if the Liftport Group competed in the Space Elevator Competion but as of yet I don't see them listed as one of the entrants.

The London Times is running this article where Sir Arthur amusingly revises his orginal projection on when they'll stop laughing about building the Space Elevator.

"As its most enthusiastic promoter, I am often asked when I think the first space elevator might be built. My answer has always been: about 50 years after everyone has stopped laughing. Maybe I should now revise it to 25 years."

Tech Central pundit Glenn Harlan Reynolds muses in his piece "Is This the Right Way to Return to the Moon?" on NASA's $104 billion announcement on Monday for a return to the Moon by 2018 and why the money would be better spent on the Space Elevator.

The Space Elevator 2005 Competition slated for the weekend of October 22nd has added two new teams to the Tether Competition. They are Centaurus Aerospace and Tethers Unlimited. The addition of Tethers Unlimited is a boost for the competition as they have been seriously involved in development of tethers for many years now. Tethers Unlimited was co-founded by the late Robert Forward and Robert Hoyt.