Space Elevator: January 2005

It seems Google's other co-founder. Larry Page, is also interested in space exploration. On Friday the X Prize Foundation announced that he had been elected to the Board of Trustees along with Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) and Jack Bader, CEO of NetEffects, Inc. and a St. Louis business leader.

You may remember that the San Jose Mercury News last August quoted the other Google co-founder, Sergie Brin, expressing interest in the space elevator concept.

The Technology and Society Committee is hosting a lunchtime talk by Ben Shelef and Metzada Shelef, founder and president, respectively, of The Spaceward Foundation next Tuesday for those in the San Francisco Bay area.

The talk titled, "The Space Elevator -- Climbing the Sky", will be held at the Golden Wok Restaurant, 895 Villa St., Mountain View. Lunch is $8.50 for members and $9.50 for guests. (650) 969-7215.