Orion Egress Training


Orion Testing

NASA's Orion and the Ground Systems Development and Operations Programs practice egress training Oct. 6-8 using a mockup of the Orion crew module in the 6.2-million-gallon Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at Johnson Space Center.

During the three-day testing, personnel simulated approaching the spacecraft floating in the Pacific Ocean and what it would take to assist the crew as they exit. The team evaluated the layout of equipment inside the spacecraft, the gear that will be used during the recovery process, and the most efficient way for astronauts to get out of the spacecraft after weeks or months away from Earth. Orion is the spacecraft that will launch atop NASA's Space Launch System rocket on Exploration Mission-1 in 2018.

Photo credit: NASA/Amber Philman KSC-2015-3002 Larger image

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