Vandenberg AFB Launches Minotaur I With Secret Payload

A Minotaur I rocket was launched from Space Launch Complex-8 here at 4:26 a.m. (PST) Feb. 6. The rocket carried a national security payload for the National Reconnaissance Office. Col. Richard Boltz, 30th Space Wing commander, was the launch decision authority.

"I am extremely proud of the large group of professionals that came together to launch this rocket," said Colonel Boltz. "The 30th Space Wing and its mission partners have a long history of successful Minotaur launches and we are proud to continue that history again here today."

The launch was a combined effort of more than 200 personnel from the 30th Space Wing, NRO, Orbital Sciences Corporation, and the Space and Missile Systems Center.

The 30th Space Wing's next launch is a Taurus XL rocket for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration scheduled for Feb. 23.

TASC, Inc. Provides Successful Mission Assurance for Minotaur I Rocket Launch; Successful Launch Is 20th in 11 Years

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