Suborbital Scientist Training at NASTAR: Day One

The altitude chamber

Environmental Tectonics Corporations The NASTAR(R) Center Commences Space Training for Prospective Scientist-Astronauts

"The Suborbital Scientist-Astronaut Training Course [Tuesday/Wednesday, 12-13 Jan] has been developed by The NASTAR Center and is organized by Dr. Alan Stern and Dr. Dan Durda of the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). "

Keith's note: You can follow events at the workshop at or at The pre-flight of a sub-orbital scientist (Joe Hill). On Twitter you can follow @thenastarcenter, NASAWatch or track all Tweets via #suborbital. You can also check the Suborbital Science page at Facebook and TheNASTARCenter on YouTube

An embedded viewer will appear when we stream live.

More photos from today's training session below.

Control console for the altitude chamber

Video views on Control console for the altitude chamber

Altitude chamber

Dan Durda trying his mask and helmet on.

Altitude chalmber control consoles.

Helmets and masks

Looking up inside the centrifuge cabin

Glenn King providing instruction

Keith Cowing standing in front of the 25 foot centrifuge
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