Payload Integration Underway for Intelsat 18 Launch

Payload integration has begun for the Intelsat 18 communications satellite at Baikonur Cosmodrome. According to the satellite's manufacurer, Orbital Sciences, "Intelsat 18 is one of ten STAR GEO communications satellites ordered by Intelsat. The spacecraft will carry a hybrid C- and Ku-band payload and will be located at an orbital slot at 180 degrees East Longitude. The satellite's C-band payload will serve Eastern Asia, the Pacific and the Western United States and its Ku-band payload will serve French Polynesia, Eastern Australia and the United States." [coverage map] The satellite will be launched on October by RSC-Energia-owned SeaLaunch on a Zenit-2SB launch vehicle.

Payload Integration photos below. Click on images to enlarge

September 22, 2011. Intelsat-18 SC is docked with Block DM-SLB

At the Baikonur cosmodrome the prelaunch processing of Zenit-2SB Launch Vehicle with Block DM-SLB and Intelsat-18 telecommunication spacecraft is continued. Today the teams of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia, foreign specialists and FGUP TsENKI branch office - Yuzhny Space Center began to assemble the Ascent Unit: Intelsat-18 SC on the adapter is docked with Upper State DM-SLB.These operations are performed as per the work schedule.

September 21, 2011. Spacecraft Intelsat-18 has been mated to the adapter

Underway is prelaunch processing of launch vehicle Zenit-2SB with Upper Stage DM-SLB and telecommunications space craft Intelsat-18. According to Roscosmos' press service, on September 20, 2011 the joint team consisting of Yuzhniy Space Center and foreign enterprises specialists completed loading of spacecraft propulsion system with propellant components at the Cosmodrome filling station on site 31. Today spacecraft Intelsat-18 has been mated to the adapter at the Assembly & Testing Facility on site 31. Integrated Launch Vehicle Zenit-2SB with Upper Stage DM-SLB and telecommunication spacecraft Intelsat-18 is to be launched in October 2011.

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