Orbiting Earth By Mail

Editor's note: I stumbled across this item on eBay today. It was titled "NASA Astronaut Scott Parazynski Mt. Everest Climb 2008". I bought it for 10 bucks. I asked Scott what he thought. He replied "That's amazing, and pretty humorous - especially since the photo is from Denali. I'd imagine the only way the cover creator could have found this photo is from OnOrbit.com/Everest - as it's a personal photo and not online anywhere else."

This item was offered for sale by someone in St. Paul MN. I asked the seller where he got this item and he replied "Hi Keith, Wow, I've been following Scott's adventure from last year. And using your website too! Great to have you have one of these covers. I was sorry to hear that Scott was not able to make it all the way since it has been a longtime dream but not to err on the side of caution is literally life threatening. Everest has had it's share of deaths because folks did not know when to be prudent and turn back."

Geographic inaccuracies aside, it is most interesting that someone on the other side of the world thought enough of Scott's attempt on Everest to make note of it in this way - using something from my website - and that this envelope would end up around the world in Minnesota being sold by someone who understands the nature of what Scott was trying to do and also followed Scott's progress on my website.

Within a few days, the envelope will make its way to me. Small world.

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