Opportunity Drives Twice This Week

Opportunity Status for sol 2227-2232: Opportunity drove twice in this latest period and took time in between to recharge her batteries. The drive on Sol 2228 (Mary 1, 2010) covered about 29 meters (95 feet). The next drive was on Sol 2231(May 4, 2010), achieved almost 33 meters (108 feet), the most that can be achieved with the available energy so close to the winter solstice.

A complicating factor for Opportunity during this winter period is that she has to balance her recharge efforts against the need to stay warm. That is, if she doesn't expend a minimum amount of energy into the electronics during a given sol, she risks thermostatic heaters coming on that will consume even greater amounts of energy. So the project has lengthened Opportunity's awake time, which reduces the battery recharging.

As of Sol 2232 (May 5, 2010), solar array energy production was 245 watt-hours, atmospheric opacity (Tau) was 0.322 and the solar panel dust factor was 0.462.

Total odometry is 20,658.03 meters (20.66 Kilometers, or 12.84 miles).

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