Oleg Kononenko Works Outside The International Space Station


Oleg Kononenko

Russian spacewalker Oleg Kononenko (suit with red stripes) works outside the International Space Station over 250 miles above Earth to inspect the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft.

During the spacewalk, he and fellow spacewalker Sergey Prokopyev (out of frame) examined the external hull of the Soyuz crew ship docked to the Rassvet module. The area corresponded with the location of a small hole inside the Soyuz habitation module that was found in August and caused a decrease in the space station's pressure. The hole was fixed internally with a sealant within hours of its detection. During the spacewalk, Kononenko and Prokopyev collected samples of some of the sealant that extruded through hole to the outer hull before heading back inside the Pirs docking compartment and closing the hatch completing a seven-hour, 45-minute spacewalk.

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