IMG Everest Expedition Dispatch #17 May 7, 2008

Eric here, with an update on our IMG expedition team. First off, I have to say something about the tropical cyclone Nargis -- we were concerned last week that some of this storm in the Bay of Bengal might hit Everest (see dispatch #15). As I am sure you have heard by now, this storm moved east and made a direct hit on Yangon, Myanmar, and there are now tens of thousands of people killed or missing there. Our hopes and prayers go out to all those people in Myanmar, whose options are so limited by their government. Personally speaking, it really puts a lot of things in perspective for me.

On Everest, IMG Leader Mark Tucker reports that the IMG climbers have chosen several different strategies this past week. Many of the non-guided team members have been resting at Base Camp, after their earlier sorties to Camp 2, and are now getting ready to go back to Camp 2 tomorrow for another acclimatization rotation. Others, including the guided teams with Hahn and Grom, moved back up to Camp 2 several days ago, while Campbell's guided team went down to Pheriche for R and R. These climbers are all expected back to BC in the next couple days. Our Camp 3 sherpas are still waiting for the green light to move up--we have a big strong Sherpa team and we can move fast to establish Camp 3 and Camp 4 once we get the chance, but we remain on "hold" until the Chinese climbers make the summit.

Eric Simonson

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