Clouds And Colors Seen From Orbit

©ESA/NASA–T. Pesquet


Thomas Pesquet: These two pictures show random clouds, and they are nothing particularly exceptional for a view up here, but they have nice colours.

They highlight an aspect of being on the International Space Station. Every 90 minutes we do a complete circle of Earth, and our planet is so beautiful even standard clouds are interesting. So even if I only had 90 minutes of free time a week, and I spend it looking out of Cupola, I could easily snap 90 pictures, but often even more! Clouds, sea, Earth art, cities at night, volcanoes, they all revolve continuously below us.

Deux vues typiques des atronautes. // Un gros plan sur flots déchaînés ou simplement une vue banale de nuages depuis la Station ?

Credits: ESA/NASA-T. Pesquet larger image

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