OnOrbit: July 2021

Thomas Pesquet: Peru celebrates its national day today (and tomorrow), and no I won't do all the countries (although...) but this one is a special one, 200 years since its independence! (and I visited friends there a while ago).

Thomas Pesquet : So long DC1! 👋 After almost twenty years of service, instead of getting a medal , one of the Space Station's oldest modules got a little trip through the atmosphere.

Thomas Pesquet: Raivavae in the Austral Islands. Ia ora na! A flight over the French Polynesia is rare as they are small in the incredibly vast Pacific ocean, and our orbit doesn't take us over the area often - let alone that I have time to grab the camera.

Editor's Note: If you download this image for your left eye and this image for your right eye and do the cross-eyed thing you will see a stereoscopic image of the summit of Mt. Everest - from orbit.

Thomas Pesquet: Le Mont Blanc (just sticking out of the clouds on some pictures) and Chamonix valley and a white glacier.

Thomas Pesquet: I was challenged by friends to picture the highest mountain peaks around the world, and I do like a challenge.

Thomas Pesquet: Clouds and shadows and the curvature of Earth. Simple really, but so breathtaking! See how the camera lens used changes the shape of Earth's curve?

Thomas Pesquet: A photograph of France as you are more inclined to see it on a map - from the south looking to the north. We were flying over the Mediterranean Sea at the time. The perspective comes from flying a little high!

For most of the year, the Lena River Delta--a vast wetland fanning out from northeast Siberia into the Arctic Ocean--is either frozen over and barren or thawed out and lush.

Sirisha Bandla gazes out of the window of VSS Unity at the apogee of its flight as she became an astronaut.

Thomas Pesquet: In case you're not tired of seeing London yet, this picture highlights it in a different way: see how the sunset shines off the Thames river and brings the attention to the capital city in particular.

Thomas Pesquet: After being with us for just over a month, and another day's delay due to bad weather at the splashdown site, today we said farewell to our Cargo Dragon-22.

Thomas Pesquet : Aki was photographing two new cubesats launched from the Space Station. A great view to see them soar, these types of miniature satellites are often conceived and made by students.

Thomas Pesquet: The Netherlands is not the largest country in the world, but I still didn't manage to fit it all into the camera frame!

Thomas Pesquet: Playing with the fish-eye lens, and capturing all seven windows.

✌ I always think the Red Sea looks like this emoji when we fly over it ✌