OnOrbit: May 2019

An Expedition 47 crewmember photographed the Earth's limb during a starry night pass. One of the International Space Station's solar arrays is seen in the right foreground as the orbital complex flew 255 miles above the Indian Ocean in between Indonesia and Australia.

258 miles above the North Atlantic Ocean an Expedition 59 crewmember photographed the contrail of an aircraft flying below as the International Space Station approached the coast of Ireland.

The waxing crescent moon is photographed just above Earth's limb and the bluish hue of the atmosphere at the beginning of an orbital sunrise.

The sun's first rays peek above Earth's limb highlighting the thin blue atmosphere during an orbital sunrise as the International Space Station orbited 255 miles above Indonesia.

The SpaceX Dragon cargo craft approaches the International Space Station 256 miles above Morocco.

The aurora australis swirls above the Indian Ocean south of Australia as the International Space Station orbited 265 miles over Earth.

NASA's Aqua and Terra satellites have been providing infrared, microwave and visible imagery of Tropical Cyclone Fani as it continued to move northward along the eastern coast of India.