OnOrbit: April 2018

Houston, Texas, the home of NASA's Johnson Space Center, and Galveston Bay are pictured from the space station at an altitude of about 250 miles.

This view of Cuba looks from east to west and reaches the cities of Santiago de Cuba on its west coast and Havana on its east coast. The sun's glint is reflected off the Caribbean Sea on Cuba's southern coast.

A trio of islands that are part of the volcanic ten-island nation of Cape Verde is pictured off the northwestern coast of Africa as the International Space Station orbited over the Atlantic Ocean.

The United States island territory of Puerto Rico and the surrounding blue waters of the Caribbean Sea on its southern coast and the Atlantic Ocean on its northern coast were pictured by an Expedition 55 crew member aboard the International Space Station.

The southeast geography of the state of Massachusetts including Cape Cod Bay, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and the arm-shaped peninsula is clearly seen from the International Space Station as it orbited over the Atlantic coast of the United States.

SpaceX Dragon CRS-14 cargo spacecraft was captured with the International Space Station's robotic Canadarm2 on 4 April 2018.