OnOrbit: May 2017

Thomas Pesquet: I will certainly miss the view. The day of return is approaching: I can't wait to be on Earth again and see my loved ones... but I will certainly miss the view/

Thomas Pesquet: The Betsimboka river in Madagascar, one of the most unbelievable landscapes I've seen so far. It has vivid colors, with bright reds and purples mixing with blue and lush green. Madagascar and Africa are so beautiful from space!

Composite image of Tropical Cyclones Donna (left) and Nineteen (right) encircling Fiji, from EUMETSAT's Metop-A polar orbiting staellite, captured at 06:00 UTC on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

Thomas Pesquet: San Francisco in California. You can't see the cable cars and steep streets from here but with the grid so clearly in sight it's not hard to imagine them.

Thomas Pesquet: Cyprus seems to float on a mirror... the Mediterranean

Thomas Pesquet: The end of Proxima nears, less than five weeks to go. So much work to do and not enough time fully appreciate the Bahamas blue. The current return date is 2 June, but like everything in spaceflight it can change.

The islands and coral atolls of French Polynesia, located in the southern Pacific Ocean, epitomize the idea of tropical paradise: white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, and palm trees.