OnOrbit: March 2017

Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall in Queensland bringing heavy rainfall, hurricane-force winds, rough seas, and flooding.

Thomas Pesquet: Another long exposure picture: Our vehicles are unmoved by the passing city lights and star trails

Thomas Pesquet: Thanks to all the children at today's UNICEF conference and all the great questions!

Thomas Pesquet: Minimalist snow art in Russia. I cannot explain these km-long paralel lines

Thomas Pesquet Finally! Snapped the Pyramids. Enfin! Voilà les Pyramides.

Thomas Pesquet: Glaciers and snow in the Alps, look a bit like whipped egg whites. And they are fragile like eggs too, you can see the traces of melting already.

Shane Kimbrough‏@astro_kimbrough .@NASAAmes looking great from @Space_Station - neighboring Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and a touch of San Jose California. Larger image