OnOrbit: January 2017

Thomas Pesquet: As the sun rises on the International Space Station, we prepare to say farewell to HTV6.

Thomas Pesquet: A veil of clouds creeps ominously over a snowy plain. Not a poem for Sunday, but a common sight over Earth!

Thomas Pesquet: So cool to watch these micro satellites fly in formation above Earth on Tuesday. Peggy took fantastic shots, and Shane some great videos.

Thomas PesquetL Europe's roof - Mont Blanc! I was lucky enough to climb it one summer in the best company.

This is what a spacewalk is: 400km of void under your feet.

Thomas Pesquet: Have you ever looked straight into an active volcano... from space? This is what it looks like. The Mauna-Loa volcano of Hawaii has snow on top and distinct lava-flow patterns on its slopes.

Thomas Pesquet: Lake Nasser and the Nile downstream of the Aswan dam (you have to zoom in on the picture to see it but it is visible!)

Thomas Pesquet: Closing in on Paris, not zoomed in enough, but spreading from Orly to Roissy airports, the city of light is aptly named. Happy New Year!