SOHO Weekly Meeting Minutes Week 12, 17 March - 23 March 2003

Status Report From: Goddard Space Flight Center
Posted: Monday, March 17, 2003

1. Announcements

* As part of the Sun-Earth Day on March 18 we have managed to get 
  a copy of the IMAX film SOLARMAX ( to the 
  Baltimore Science Museum.  The film will be shown for students 
  at 10.00 AM, for the public at 2 PM.  A special show for us has 
  been scheduled at 6 PM, at a reduced price of 5 USD per person. 
  Please contact Paal Brekke (, 
  301-286-6983) as soon as possible for details & sign-up.

* An EOF/EAF + DPS + WIND/Polar mandatory quarterly assurance 
  security scan has been scheduled for next Tuesday (March 18) 
  from 9am to noon local time (14-17 UT - most of this period is 
  outside of DSN contact).

* BONUS Solar Science Seminar:   Tuesday, March 18 at 3:30 in EAF, 
  Bob Leamon (Montana State) will talk about "Helicity of Magnetic 
  Clouds and Their Progenitor Active Regions."

2. Operations Constraints

* Commanding times for the week:

  Monday -     DSS-66 15-18 UT, gap then DSS-27 at 20:35 UT
               Note: UVCS engineering 15-16 UT and 17-17:30 UT
  Tuesday -    Gap 13:35-16:20, then cmdg after 17:30 on DSS-27
  Wednesday -  Cmdg on DSS-66 15-17:30, small gap & rest of day on DSS-27
  Thursday -   Cmd on DSS-66 15-17:40 UT, gap, then 19:20-01:40 UT 
                   on DSS-27 
  Friday -     Gap until 15:50, cmdg rest of day on DSS-16
  Saturday -   One hour at 15 UT, then DSS-27 rest of day
  Sunday -     DSS-54 before and DSS-16 after 18:10-19:20 UT gap

3. Coordinated Observations
M Mar 17 (W12)
T Mar 18
W Mar 19
T Mar 20

F Mar 21  	EIT Shutterless Run #10 (#6928), Segment 1, 
                  EIT/CDS/TRACE/SPIRIT(TBC), 17-19:40 UT,
                  POC: David Berghmans, LOCAL: Kevin Schenk
S Mar 22
S Mar 23

Other activities for Week 12:
* Week 12       JOP136 Default RHESSI Collaborations (#6850),
                  POC: Stein Haugan
* Week 12       JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT
                  POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais
* Feb 20-Mar 19 Carrington Rotation 2000, POC: Gareth Lawrence
* Mar 10-20     JOP162 Magnetic Field Evolution Around Sunspots (#6925), 
                  15-23 UT, TRACE/Sac Peak ASP/MDI/CDS, POC: Ted Tarbell
* Mar 12-21     UVCS Observations of Coronal Holes
* Mar 22-27     UVCS Observations of Low Latitude Coronal Holes

Submodes: Submode 6

Planners for Week 12:
CDS     -- Dominic Zarro        MDI     -- Sarah Gregory
EIT     -- Alex Young           SUMER   -- not observing
LASCO   -- Ops Team             UVCS    -- John Kohl/Mari-Paz Miralles 
TRACE   -- Jonathan Cirtain

Relevant Notes

CDS:  	JOP162 through Thursday, engineering on Wednesday & Thursday, 
        EIT shutterless on Friday.  
UVCS:   Coronal hole observations and synoptics.

LASCO:  C2/C3 synoptics, JOP159 Wednesday - Friday.

EIT:    195 CME watch and synoptics, JOP159 Wednesday and Thursday,
        shutterless campaign, segment 1 on Friday.

MDI:    Full disk magnetograms and dopplergrams, JOP162.

TRACE:  JOP162 through Thursday, then support EIT shutterless 
        on Friday.  JOP136 support all week as well.

// end //

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