SOHO Weekly Meeting Minutes Week 52, 23 December - 29 December 2002

Status Report From: Goddard Space Flight Center
Posted: Friday, December 27, 2002

	      Week 52, 23 December - 29 December 2002

1. Announcements
* There will be no SOC in the EOF on Wednesday 25 December. Call 
  or page Emily at home if you need a SOC.

2. Operations Constraints
* Commanding times for the week:

  Monday -    Gap from 15-20 UT.
  Tuesday -   Gap until 18:30 UT then D27.
  Wednesday - Gap until 19:30 then D27.
  Thursday -  D27 from 14-20 UT then D46.
  Friday -    Commanding is good all day.
  Saturday -  Gap from 15-20 UT.
  Sunday -    D27 from 14:30-19 UT then D46.

3. Coordinated Observations
M Dec 23 (W52)  
T Dec 24
W Dec 25        Christmas Day (US Holiday)
T Dec 26        MDI Continuous Contact begins
F Dec 27        MDI Continuous Contact ends
S Dec 28
S Dec 29

Other activities for Week 52:
* Week 52       JOP136 Default RHESSI Collaborations (#6850),
                  POC: Stein Haugan
* Week 52       JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT
                  POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais
* Dec 17-25     UVCS Observations of an Equatorial Coronal Hole
* Dec 26-Jan 10 UVCS Streamer Properties Over the Solar Cycle

Submodes: Submode 6

Planners for Week 52:
CDS     -- Andrzej Fludra       MDI     -- Sarah Gregory
EIT     -- Alex Young           SUMER   -- not observing
LASCO   -- Ops Team             UVCS    -- John Kohl/Michael Uzzo   
TRACE   -- Dawn Myers

Relevant Notes
CDS:	Engineering on Monday. Line width measurements at the 
	limb on Tuesday. EUV Intensities in AR on Wednesday and
	Thursday. Usual studies for Friday and the weekend.
UVCS:	Coronal hole observations and synoptics through Wednesday.
	Streamer study and synoptics for the rest of the week.

LASCO:	C2/C3 synoptics, JOP159 Wednesday - Friday.

EIT:	195 CME watch and synoptics, JOP159 Wednesday - Friday.

MDI:	Full disk cropped magnetograms and dopplergrams. MDI
	and TRACE may collaborate for the 2 day continuous

TRACE:  AR tracking.

// end //

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