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Status Report From: Space for Humanity
Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2022


It's Not Too Late to Join Us!

The New Age of Space

As you know, we have partnered with Humanity Wine Co. to provide ethically produced wines from family-owned vineyards right to your door. Every purchase of that wine using our partnership link directly benefits Space for Humanity and Humanity Del Sol! 

Join Judy Bortfield, Level 3 Sommelier and VP of Humanity Wine Co. as she provides highlights of the wines throughout the evening.

It's too late to order wine, but you can still attend this remarkable event! 

Join host Rachel Lyons, Executive Director of Space for Humanity, as we discuss with recent astronauts, flight providers, and leaders in the industry about what the opportunity of human space flight means to them. 
(Check out our Panelist lineup below!)

Here are some of the discussion topics you can expect. 

  1. Can you describe your Overview Experience?
  2. What do you think this moment in space exploration and development means for humanity?
  3. What are your hopes and predictions for the future of space? 

This is a chance for you to hear these remarkable influencers share their heroic personal stories and hopes for the future of space.

5:00 pm PT // 8:00 pm ET
Wednesday January 26, 2022


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Hosted by

Rachel Lyons
Executive Director, Space for Humanity
Our Panelists
Nicole Stott
Former NASA Astronaut, Engineer, Artist, Philanthropist
Sirisha Bandla 
Virgin Galactic Astronaut + VP of Government Affairs
Keisha Schahaff 
Future Virgin Galactic Astronaut
Jane Poynter
Founder of Space Perspective
Dylan Taylor
Blue Origin Astronaut + Voyager Space Holdings
Simon Jenner
Human Spaceflight Business Development, Axiom Space
Virtual Event Tickets

We look forward to seeing you there! 

The Space for Humanity Team


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