Which 8 nations had a record-setting year for rocket launches?

Status Report From: Space Foundation
Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2022


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Launch Activity in 2021 Makes Space History!

Eight nations launched a record-setting number of rockets in 2021, surpassing activity established during the heyday of the 1960s Space Race. There were 145 launch attempts in 2021, compared to 143 total attempts in 1967.

Orbital Launch Attempts, 2021

Microgravity Research

Between government efforts and private enterprise, eight space stations are in development. Part of the interest lies in the value of microgravity research. Find out which U.S. company earned more than $4 billion in 2020 from a single drug developed in space!

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Asteroid Mining

The appeal of mineral-rich asteroids boggles the imagination. In The Space Report, leading industry experts analyze how asteroid mining likely will unfold and the approaches that could be taken to ensure equitable distribution of any realized assets.Since 2018, the higher volume has been matched by greater investment per transaction, resulting in a 200% increase in the average value of the 10 largest transactions examined in the last four years. The maximum transaction value has jumped more than 300%.

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New Satellite Venture

As world leaders focus on Earth’s changing climate, a commercial satellite venture set to orbit in 2022 promises the most comprehensive data from space to better predict weather and give scientists a clearer picture of global warming.


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