Workshop Proceedings: Planning the Future Space Weather Operations and Research Infrastructure

Status Report From: National Academy of Sciences
Posted: Monday, April 26, 2021

Understanding and predicting space weather is of growing importance for a society increasingly reliant on systems sensitive to Earth’s space environment, from global positioning satellites to the electric grid. A better understanding of space weather is also needed to manage the growing number of objects in low-Earth orbit and to support plans for human exploration to the Moon and beyond.

At the request of NOAA, and in consultation with NASA and NSF, the National Academies organized a pair of virtual workshops to explore ways to optimize the U.S. space weather operational and research infrastructure.  During the workshop, participants discussed current capabilities, future needs, and options for supporting space weather observations from both ground and space-based vantage points.

For a summary of what was discussed during the workshop, download our newly released workshop proceedings.  To learn more about the workshop, download speaker slides, and watch videos from poster presenters, visit the workshop website.
Download the proceedings

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