Message From The NASA Administrator: Adjusting to the Temporary "New Normal"

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Thursday, April 2, 2020

It's been just over two weeks since NASA transitioned, as an agency, into Stage 3 of its coronavirus (COVID-19) response framework. In that time, several facilities have moved into Stage 4 due to on-site COVID-19 cases and/or an increasing number of cases in their surrounding communities. Marshall Space Flight Center recently became the latest to move to Stage 4. 
Approximately 75% of our workforce is now working from home - some in home offices, some at the kitchen table. Some of us have taken over the dining room, or other room that, just weeks ago, had been a shared space for family, friends, roommates, etc. I want to thank everyone who supports a NASA employee on the home front.  

In addition to doing all we can to keep the workforce safe, a top priority of senior leadership also is to keep you informed. To that end, we took the top unanswered questions from the Ask the Administrator event on March 25 and had four of our many outstanding leaders answer them in short videos. These videos answer the questions:  

·         How does contact tracing work?  

·         Why Stage 3? Stage 4? What about "stay at home" orders? 

·         How do I care for my family while working at home? 

·         What if my PIV card expires? (or is damaged/lost) 


You can also watch these videos all in one place - the NASA People website. 
Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected.  
Ad astra, 

// end //

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