No Word From Opportunity Yet As Skies Begin To Clear

Status Report From: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Posted: Thursday, August 30, 2018

sols 5176 to 5182, Aug. 15, 2018 - Aug. 22, 2018:

No signal from Opportunity has been heard. The dust storm on Mars continues to decay. 

There has been no new storm activity within ~1,864 miles (3,000 kilometers) of the rover site. The atmospheric opacity (tau) over the rover is decreasing. As reported previously, it is expected that Opportunity has experienced a low-power fault, and then perhaps, a mission clock fault.

Subsequent to the last contact with the rover on Sol 5111 (June 10, 2018), the up-loss timer has expired, adding another fault condition. The science team is continuing to listen for the rover either during the expected fault communication windows, or listening over a broader range of times using the Deep Space Network Radio Science Receiver.

The science team is also sending a command three times a week to elicit a beep if the rover happens to be awake.

Total odometry is unchanged at 28.06 miles (45.16 kilometers).

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