Mars Global Surveyor Status Report 27 Mar 2002

Status Report From: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Wednesday, March 27, 2002 (DOY 079/19:00:00 to DOY 086/19:00:00 UTC)

Launch / Days since Launch = Nov. 7, 1996 / 1967 days
Start of Mapping / Days since Start of Mapping = April 1, 1999 / 1091 days
Total Mapping Orbits = 13,637
Total Orbits = 15,320

Recent Events:

Background Sequences - The spacecraft is operating nominally in performing daily recording and transmission of science data. The mm162 sequence executed successfully from 02-080 (3/21/02) through 02-082 (3/23/02). The mm163 sequence has performed well since it started on 02-083 (3/24/02). It terminates on 02-086 (3/27/02). The mm164 sequence, successfully uplinked on 02-085 (3/26/02), begins executing on 02-087 (3/28/02).

Other - The Spacecraft team is continuing its intensive analyses of the data leading up to the latest C-mode entry. We know that the root cause of the C-mode entry was that the star processing software (STAREX ) misidentified a star during the initialization cycle following a scale factor update. However, attitude knowledge is being corrupted quicker and to a greater degree than we would expect with a misidentified star. We are continuing our efforts to recreate the C-mode entry in the spacecraft test lab.

Roll Only Targeting Opportunity (ROTO) imaging scans were briefly suspended during the transition to beta-supplement. They will resume on 02-088 (03/29/02) with the mz167 mini-sequence. MGS has completed 234 ROTOs to date.

Spacecraft Health:

All spacecraft subsystems report good health and status.


There have been 18 uplinks to the spacecraft during the past week, including new star catalogs and ephemeris files, instrument command loads, and the mm163 and mm164 background sequences. 6,524 command files have been radiated to the spacecraft since launch.

Upcoming Events:

The mm165 background sequence will be uplinked on 02-088 (3/29/02). ROTO mini-sequence mz167 will execute on 02-088 (03/29/02).

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