Nepal Robotics/Bullis-Kanjirowa STEM Update 25 March 2016

Status Report From: Nepal Robotics
Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016

Mike Kronmiller Kathmandu, Nepal:

Day 6 went really well! I had an opportunity to work with the students for 3 more hours which allowed me to teach them about calibrating the drone and safety. I'm really impressed that they were able to build a drone in 6 hours and they are very excited to teach more of their peers about construction, operation, and safety. Now that they have completed a drone I plan to teach them about utilizing drone websites to learn about more applications of drone, beyond search and rescue, and allow them to pursue their own ideas.

I have come to the conclusion that I may need to extend my trip as a result of not getting the proper approval. Kapil Regmi has been working tirelessly to get the approval for us and the hoops we've had to jump though have been numerous to say the least.

On a positive note all of the feedback and time I have had with the students has made this trip worth it. I look forward to see what improvements are made based on the feedback I have received.






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