Jan Woerner: My First Day at ESA

Status Report From: European Space Agency
Posted: Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The headline sounds a little bit like “My first day at school”, and in fact it is similar: My new role as Director General of the European Space Agency demands a lot of learning. Learning should lead to personal knowledge and the ability to act beyond previous boundaries. These boundaries are at the same time personal limitations and institutional borders. It is my clear endeavour to guide/lead/support/realise the European space activities on the sound foundation of the existing structures, but also to adapt ESA to be able to tackle actual and future challenges.

While we are observing a tendency (not only) in the European Union to focus more and more on national interests, it is my determination to strengthen the European spirit in ESA, consisting of the staff, the executive and the member states at the same time. In addition, the external ESA community, such as industry and our scientific partners, is part of the overarching activity for a United Europe in Space.

This task can only be successfully realised if the support of the different actors can be mobilised.

As doubts are not helpful for that, as Yoda told Luke Skywalker: “Do….or do not. There is no try.

I ask all readers of this blog to accept my invitation to participate actively in developing the world of space, taking into account different motivations from worries (like climate change) over fascination (like exploration) to responsibility (disaster management). Active participation includes direct communication, critics and ideas …

Let's go for OUR ESA!


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