Request for Questions Regarding Planetary Science R&A Restructuring

Status Report From: Planetary Exploration Newsletter
Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2013


At the Planetary Science Subcommittee (PSS) meeting on November 5,  there was a presentation describing a plan to restructure the existing  planetary science R&A programs. The slides that were presented are  online:

The slides discussing the plan are contained in the presentation  listed for Jim Green and start on slide #41.

The PSS has suggested that each Assessment Group (AG) gather and  compile questions, comments, and concerns that the community may  have regarding the R&A restructuring plan and for each AG to send the  compilation to Jim Green. 

All questions, big and small, general or specific, are welcomed.

For CAPTEM, email Hap McSween  (

For LEAG, email Jeff Plescia (

For MEPAG, email Serina Diniega (

For OPAG, email: Candy Hansen (

For SBAG, email: Nancy Chabot (

For VEXAG, email: Lori Glaze (


In the compilation, the identities of those providing the comments  will be removed, but the final compiled reports may be posted on AG  websites. Please indicate in your reply if you do not want your  comment included in a compilation (with identities removed) on the web.


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