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Status Report From: American Astronomical Society
Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2001

SAD NEWS - MAYO GREENBERG Mayo Greenberg passed away peacefully on 29th November. He had been suffereing from pancreatic cancer for several months.

COMPLEX MARS REPORT AVAILABLE A prepublication version (i.e., NRC approved but not yet copy edited) of the new COMPLEX report, Assessment of Mars Science and Mission Priorities,has been posted on the web at This report, commissioned by NASA's Office of Space Science late last year, will form a basis of the Mars-related material to appear in the report of the ongoing Solar System Exploration (Decadal) Survey. Copies of the final, edited text of the COMPLEX report will be available in the first quarter of 2002. The report of the SSE Survey will be available next Summer. David H. Smith, Study Director COMPLEX/SSE Survey PLANETARY DECADAL STUDY NEWS - FINAL PRIORITIES

The final phase of the decadal study is upon us. More than 350 planetary scientists have submitted more than 20 white papers detailing issues and priorities within the various subdisciplines comprising solar system exploration. The NRC Steering Group must ultimately provide an overarching list of prioritized issues and recommendations for the next decade.

Your input on this final prioritization is needed.

At the recent DPS conference, an open forum was held during NASA Night to begin receiving your input. On the panel was Mike Belton (Chair of the NRC Steering Committee), Carle' Pieters (Chair, NRC Inner Planets DP), Reta Beebe (Chair, NRC Giant Planets DP), Robert Pappalardo (COMPLEX, and Vice-Chair NRC Large Satellites DP), and Michael A'Hearn (Vice-Chair, NRC Primitive Bodies DP). Joining them was Colleen Hartman (Director of NASA's Solar System Exploration Division), and Wes Huntress (DPS Chair, who also sits on the NRC Steering Group). Over the course of the forum, 22 DPS members (of about 200 present) volunteered their opinions, addressing two questions:

(1) What are the three most significant discoveries of the past decade?

(2) What are the three most important investigations for the coming decade?

The Planetary Community Decadal Website has now been modified to accept your input on these issues. Go to

The planetary community has been recently criticized for being fractious by the White House Office of Management and Budget. Whether this telegraphs an intention by OMB to go after portions of the NASA planetary exploration budget in FY2003 is a matter for some concern. Our decadal activity is a direct challenge to such criticism. It is important that as many of you as possible continue to participate in this process. By doing so, you are shaping the consensus that will define and help protect solar system exploration for the next decade.

Mark V. Sykes,
DPS Past Chair


Jupiter after Galileo and Cassini
17 - 21 June, 2002
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Lisbon, Portugal

Abstract Deadline March 1, 2002
Early Registration Deadline April 17, 2002

Please find all details on

Melissa McGrath, DPS Secretary-Treasurer submissions to:

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