Update: 2013 IEEE Aerospace Conference Presentations by NASA and JPL Personnel

Status Report From: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
Posted: Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Registrants,

If you are not a NASA or JPL employee or track or session organizer of the 2013 Conference, please ignore this message.

We have learned that NASA has severely restricted travel of NASA and JPL employees to the 2013 IEEE Aerospace conference. This is impacting many of the authors at this year's conference. I, on behalf of the conference board and the conference committee, want to extend our condolences to those who are affected by the restrictions, and provide the following guidance with regards to paper presentations.

The conference is required to follow IEEE rules regarding publication, as spelled out in the Conference's instructions to authors. For the paper to qualify for publication, the policy requires a presentation at the conference (or EPH), and does not allow for online presentation, neither audio nor video. Electronic Presentation Hall (EPH) has closed, and we can no longer accept EPH presentations. For those who will not be in attendance and have paid registration, the best option is to arrange for an alternate presenter, be it a colleague, a session organizer or a track organizer familiar with your work or at least the topic. We have lifted the explicit limit on alternate presenters (the former restriction was a maximum of three papers for one presenter). We encourage you to contact your session chair or track chair or colleagues to identify options for alternate presenters. While we encourage this method to get the presentation done and the paper published, we recognize that this is not an acceptable alternative to some authors. For those papers, the only other option available is to withdraw the paper and submit it to a future conference.

The Conference Schedule is updated in realtime in regards to changes of names of presenters for each paper. There is a simple process for changing the name of a designated presenter. Once changed all attendees will see the change in the Conference Apps and on the online schedule.

Please contact, (Richard Mattingly), or Fogg)
for details on switching presenters if the process is not obvious.

If you arrange an alternate presenter, we recognize that your alternate may not be able to answer all of the questions. We suggest adding a closing chart to your presentation which gives the contact information for the authors and remind attendees that contact information is also on the paper available on the CD.

While we understand the restrictions in light of the budget crisis, the timing of the announcements limit what we can do at this time. We remain committed to bringing you the best possible conference, and look forward to seeing you at Big Sky, either this year or at future conferences.

Lastly, I would like to reach out to Track and Session organisers and ask that you begin to identify the individuals that have been impacted and provide any support you can by contacting the affected presenters and speaking with them. And presenters, please contact your Track and Session Organizers immediately.

David Woerner, Chair
2013 IEEE Aerospace Conference

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