Chandra Digest (Nov 15) Special Leonids Update!

Status Report From: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2001

Chandra Prepares for the Leonid Meteor Shower

While skywatchers eagerly anticipate this weekend's Leonid meteor shower, members of the Chandra X-ray Center team will be busy in their own right. However, instead of gazing into the night sky for "shooting stars," they will be monitoring and maneuvering Chandra to protect NASA's premier X-ray facility from harm's way.

Operations CXO Status Report (Friday 11/09/01)

Last week the observing schedule was interrupted following a high radiation event at 1:37pm EST on Nov 4 that stopped the daily load and activated the science instrument safing sequence (SCS 107). All actions were nominal and assessment of the dump data confirmed that the trigger was due to high proton counts in the EPHIN E1300 channel exceeding the pre-defined threshold of 10 counts/cm2/s/sr. Radiation levels allowed the loads to be restarted at 3pm on Nov 8.

The loads were interrupted a second time at 10am on Nov 9 to accommodate a high priority Target Of Opportunity received late on Nov 8. The target, XRF010930, is a candidate for the first X-ray observation of a fast X-ray transient.


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