Workshop: Planning your JWST Solar System Observations Workshop

Status Report From: Planetary Exploration Newsletter
Posted: Sunday, February 5, 2012

image The James Webb Space Telescope is an infrared-optimized space facility scheduled for launch in 2018. Moving target (non-sidereal) tracking is a "Level 1" requirement for JWST, and has been implemented. At the DPS meeting in Reno NV, JWST team members will host a workshop specifically tailored for solar system observers. The workshop will start with an overview of the capabilities of the observatory and its science instruments. Workshop attendees will also learn about the representative science observing cases for solar system objects developed for the JWST Science Operations "Design Reference Mission." JWST team members will be available to answer your specific questions regarding special use cases for solar system requirements, in particular observational issues and approaches. A white paper about JWST planetary observations to be revised after this workshop - can be downloaded at:

As the DPS meeting draws closer, more details about the workshop will be provided at:

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