NASA Unaffected by Potential Government Shutdown

Status Report From: NASA HQ
Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2011

image From: HQ-NASA INC
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2011 12:23:01 -0600
Subject: NASA Unaffected by Potential Government Shutdown

AGENCYWIDE MESSAGE TO ALL NASA EMPLOYEES: NASA Unaffected by Potential Government Shutdown

Point of contact: Kevin Buford, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, NASA Headquarters, 202-358-0405

You may have already heard talk of a potential government shutdown that could happen at the end of this week. Although government agencies are preparing for that possibility, NASA will not shut down because our fiscal year 2012 appropriations bill has been approved. Your work schedule and pay will generally continue as usual.

While NASA's funding legislation has been approved, the debate continues on Capitol Hill on appropriation bills for many other Federal agencies as well as pending measures to extend the payroll tax cut and Unemployment Insurance benefits. The President has urged members of Congress to complete all the work they were elected to do and has stated that there is no excuse for Congress to leave for vacation before all of its work is done.

Given that there is no guarantee that Congress will complete its work before the appropriations for certain Federal agencies expire on Friday at midnight or pass another short-term continuing resolution that would give it more time to take up these important matters, these agencies, out of an abundance of caution, have begun to prepare for a possible shutdown. Although our Fiscal Year 2012 appropriation means we do not face a risk of shutdown, a funding lapse that would affect other agencies may have some limited implications for our operations that we are evaluating at this time.

As the week progresses and we learn more information regarding such implications, we will share it with you and initiate any contingency plans that are needed. We expect that, except in very limited circumstances, you will continue to work on a normal work schedule regardless of the status of other Federal agencies.

I know that the uncertainty of the current situation puts federal employees in a difficult position. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all of you, NASA provides critical services to the American public. Your contributions touch people's lives in so many significant ways, and I want you to know how deeply I appreciate your dedication and your expertise. Thank you for your continued service to the Agency and the Nation.

Beth Robinson
Chief Financial Officer

This notice is being sent agencywide to all employees by NASA INC in the Office of Communications at NASA Headquarters.

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