NASA STS-128 Execute Package FD13

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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1. Free Drift for Blood Draw - PRCS firings are not allowed during the SDBI 1900 blood draws. Before the blood draws, in step 5 of the Interconnect Return, remain DAP: FREE to preclude PRCS firings. Return to ALT control as soon as possible after the blood draws are complete.

2. Dump Equipment Pre-gather - Pre-gather the following equipment for the CWC dumps that occur immediately following the Waste Dump:

a) Condensate CWC S/N: 5085: temp stowed after condensate T/D
b) ISS CWC-I S/N 1013: temp stowed on middeck near the ladder on FD 7
c) Waste Water Dump (WWD) Filter: Break Out Box (BOB) Locker (MF28H)
d) 8 ft Y-Y hose: temp stowed after Condensate T/D

3. Waste Water Dump - Perform a waste dump using SUPPLY/WASTE WATER DUMP (ORB OPS, ECLS) p 5-2. Perform steps E, G, and I. MCC will TMBU FDA in steps B and K. Waste dump valve open time will be ~40 minutes. Dump the waste tank to 5%.

4. CWC Dump - Dump CWC S/N 5085 and CWC-I S/N 1013 using CWC OVERBOARD DUMP (ORB OPS, ECLS) p 5-36. Perform steps A, C, D, E, F, and G. MCC will TMBU in steps B and H. Waste dump valve open time for each CWC will be ~25 minutes.

Stow CWC s/n 5085 and CWC-I s/n 1013 in Bag G. Stow the WWD in a ziplock bag and return it to the BOB in MF28H. Stow the 8 ft Y-Y hose in a separate ziplock bag and return it to the CHCK.

5. Fluid Loading Prep - Fluid loading water for one Entry opportunity should be pulled today (ref MSG 114). Fluid loading for a one orbit waveoff is not required to be pulled until waveoff is declared. Pulling water for fluid loading on EOM-1 will help maximize Supply Water quantities to support maximum deorbit landing opportunities.

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