NASA STS-128 Execute Package FD08

Status Report From: Johnson Space Center
Posted: Friday, September 4, 2009

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Good Morning Discovery!

Congratulations on another highly successful EVA. Including a new first - first EVA crew to diagnose PMA clocking real-time.

Enjoy your well-earned half day off.

1. Outlook - The Outlook files are becoming large. Please delete your Sent Mail or move it into your Personal Folders.

2. WHC Usage - Total waste quantity on the Shuttle is back on the predicted line after your adjustment yesterday. However, MCC has seen numerous timing issues on the WHC and would like to remind you about time constraints on WHC usage. These can be found on 2.301 WHC Cue Card under the block "WHC Time Constraints".

* Recommend 6 min interval between use.

* Three uses in a row (6-min interval) requires a 30-min cool down.

* Maximum continuous use is 30-min followed by a 20-min cool down.

3 crew equivalent should be using the WCS, so if higher WCS usage is required in the morning, reduce usage accordingly for the rest of the day.

// end //

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